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Salumeria il Tagliere

Artisan Cured in Caledon, Ontario since 2008

-   F.A.Q.  -

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Where can we find your products?

Our products can be found at a variety of grocers and local fine food stores. Click for a full map and to find the location closest to you. Products do vary by retailer, so if there is ever something specific you are looking for but not in your local store feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to help you local it. Click Here for Map

Are all your products gluten free?

ABSOLUTELY. Yes, we are a gluten free facility. No gluten is ever brought into our plant.

Are all your products dairy free? 

YES. There is no dairy in any of our products. We are a dairy free facility.

Do you use artificial ingredients or fillers?

Simply put, NEVER! In our industry the best way to reduce costs is to reduce meat content by adding fillers or artificial ingredients. We believe in the traditional ways and real ingredients, not saving a dollar or compromising taste. 

Why are all your products different shapes and sizes?

Although we try for consistency from one batch to the next, our products are handmade and change slightly from one to the next. Slight shape and weight differences are common in handmade products.

Where does your pork come from?

All of our pork is Ontario Pork, grown locally by Ontario farmers. We believe in buying local and currently support our over 185 local farmers within 350 km of our plant. 

Is your Pork farmed sustainably?

Yes, we believe in sourcing only from sustainable suppliers. Our pork comes from land-based hogs that are farmed using sustainable production processes, including having our farmers grow their own grains to feed the hogs. 

What are Nitrates & Nitrites?

Nitrate and nitrites are naturally occurring molecules that can be found everywhere in our environment. In a typical diet 80% of the nitrates come from vegetables, mainly green leafy vegetables, beets and radishes which contain the highest levels.
They are used and sometimes mandated to fight harmful bacteria that can occur in processed and cured meats and studies have shown that in addition protecting us from harmful bacteria there may also be some health benefits to consuming nitrites. 
As this is a debated topic we encourage you do to your own research on the topic, some useful information can be found at and the Canadian Meat Council

Where does your passion for cured meats come from?

The foundations for Salumeria Il Tagliere began when our now master salumiere Frank Rizzardo pulled into his then girlfriend’s home to pick her up for a night at the movies. As Frank waited for Tania he was brought down to the basement, handed an apron and put to work with about a dozen or so others in the mist of various salami making processes. As is Italian tradition many families would work together to produce enough salumi for each family to fill their “cantina’s” to enjoy throughout the year. Much to Tania’s disappointment they never made it to the movies that night, but for Frank this hobby became a passion.

This continued for every weekend throughout that winter and eventually ended with the group leader, family friend, butcher and salami expert Cesare Bertoia offering over the reins to Frank. Cesare had kept a close eye on Frank throughout the winter and recognized both his passion and talent. Frank agreed, but with the stipulation he had the next year to learn each step properly and in its entirety as to uphold the quality and tradition Italians take such pride in. The next seasons production was slashed from 20 pigs to just 2 pigs so that Frank could focus on the skill and not quantity. From then on Frank continues the tradition in each of his artisan salumi.

How is the meat packaged?

All of our products are vacuum sealed to extend shelf life and lock in quality.

How long does it last for?

Once opened we recommend consuming within 10 days for best taste. If sealed it can last 9 months or longer if stored in a cold dry place such as a fridge or cold cellar.

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